Sponsorship Opportunities

Every dollar that comes into Gatheround goes toward supporting entrepreneurs. In other words, we’re depending on sponsors and Slow Money seed funding to take care of Gatheround’s operations.

A Gatheround sponsorship offers:

  • A high-visibility opportunity to show your organization’s dedication to local food and social finance
  • Access to a passionate audience who holds those values dear
  • Multiple placement options via Gatheround’s broader marketing initiatives
  • The chance to be a critical part of a first-of-its-kind social finance platform, building a healthy, resilient food system and a new kind of investing

Another option: Matching donation

In addition to sponsorship, we are seeking matching donors for single Gatherounds or for a full season. Because each Gatheround is built around a specific theme, it offers the chance to connect directly with people interested in your product, and a chance to “pay it forward” to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Match days,” tributes, and other custom arrangements

If you are a smaller organization or an individual who wants to take your Gatheround contributions to the next level, we are happy to discuss custom arrangements such as specific match-days, tie-in promotions based on product sales, etc.

For more information about sponsorships and/or matching donations, please contact us here.A selection of sponsors from past Slow Money initiatives: