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Sovereign Cider


Sovereign Cider was established in 2013 to harness consumer markets to the benefit of New York apple growers. We believe that the best-tasting food and drink are made from fresh ingredients grown close to market by real farmers on real farms, and the growing hard cider market presents a real opportunity for New York apple growers if given the right marketing and distribution platform to sell their fruits.

While there are several local farm-based cideries producing phenomenal beverages in very small batches, the commercial cider market in the United States is currently dominated by large, industrial beverage companies who often use Chinese apple powder or concentrate in their ciders. Sovereign’s farm-to-tap ciders will compete head on with these large comglomerates by creating a superior product that uses fresh local ingredients.

Sovereign’s first variety, “New York Crisp,” will be available this fall in select bars and restaurants in New York. For this first batch, we have partnered with a Finger Lakes based family farm and juice maker to create the perfect juice blend, with fermentation and kegging done nearby at a family-owned winery. The result is a category-busting product: Crisp, refreshing, and gently sparkling with an apple aroma and pleasing mouthfeel that makes you want another.

Our intention is that a successful launch and rapid growth in NYC provides the foundation from which to expand regionally and nationally working with our network of family farms. This growth will have a meaningful impact on orchard preservation and building local food economies.

Hard cider sales have been increasing nationally at an annual rate of 70 percent over the past three years, with on-premise sales growing at a 130 percent rate over the same period. Sovereign Cider is the perfect answer for premier bars and restaurants searching for an authentic, local and traditional American hard cider in this rapidly expanding segment of the beverage market. Sovereign Cider will have a broad year-round appeal as a viable alternative beverage for traditional beer and wine drinkers with particular appeal to women and millennials.


Based on several pre-launch pouring events in NYC, market feedback has suggested that our growth projections should be revised upward. To capture this growth potential, we are planning scale up investment in:

  • Raw materials, kegs and production for two (2) order fulfillment cycles, and

  • Enhanced marketing capabilities to deepen our presence in the NYC market and penetrate other high-volume U.S. markets for volume growth.

With operating results showing growth in NYC and other U.S. markets, business projections for 2014 and beyond will be reassessed with improved accuracy. This track record and adjusted business plan will then enable a larger round of capital raising to strengthen the enterprise, fund working capital needs and increase our impact to family farms, farmland preservation and local food economies on a national basis.


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