Participant FAQs

How do you select entrepreneurs?

What are your selection criteria?

After deciding on a topic, we look to the leaders of Slow Money chapters and lending clubs for their recommendations. This nationwide (and now international) network provides local knowledge and insight into the enterprise. After assembling a list of potential candidates, we make our selections based on each entrepreneur’s commitment to sustainable practices, involvement in rebuilding their local food system, business viability, clear justification for additional funding,  geographic diversity, and the inventiveness of their model.

I know a good food business in my community, can they participate?

We welcome your suggestions, however currently we are sourcing Gatheround enterprises from within the Slow Money network. Our chapters, lending clubs, and in-person gatherings facilitate the kind of face-to-face connections and knowledge we believe are critical first steps for entrepreneurs as they prepare for the national stage. If you are interested in learning more about how you can engage with Slow Money near you, check out, or send an email here.


What happens to the money I give through Gatheround?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. After you sign-up, we will send you a receipt for tax purposes. All of the money you pay to Gatheround (minus credit card fees) will go directly to one of the entrepreneurs and can be used for a deduction.

Does Slow Money take any fees from my donation?

Slow Money finances Gatheround’s operations entirely from sponsorships and donations to Slow Money itself. Our online credit card processing system, Stripe, takes 2.9 percent of donated funds (standard for all online transactions), and all remaining funds go directly to the entrepreneurs.

I’ve seen the Gatheround and am not enthusiastic about any of the entrepreneurs. Can I have my money back?

Unfortunately, no. Money given to Gatheround is both a contribution to the overall local food ecosystem and your admission ticket. We do our best to pick interesting, sustainable and business-savvy entrepreneurs; if this question applies to you we’re sorry that you did not connect with any of the presenting businesses, and welcome your feedback on how we can improve our selection going forward.


Gatheround Attendance and Entrepreneur Selection

I like the concept but can’t make the Gatheround. What are my options?

We will be recording all Gatherounds, and are happy to share it with you if you cannot make the live event so you can still make an informed decision about who you’d like to fund.

I’m not interested in attending or watching the event, but I’d still like to donate money. How does that work?

Of course! While we believe the process is an important part of what Gatheround is all about, we understand you may be strapped for time and feel like you have enough information from the website to make a choice. After the Gatheround takes place, you will be given the option to elect where your initial money goes, as well as the opportunity to fund the entrepreneurs directly.

I’d like to support the entrepreneurs but not through the platform. What are my options?

While we want to make sure busy entrepreneurs are not overwhelmed with personal messages, we encourage you to reach out to the entrepreneurs directly to discuss other ways to help. Contact details are included in all of their individual profiles.

I attended the Gatheround but forgot to select an entrepreneur to receive my money. What happens now?

We will send a follow-up email two weeks after the Gatheround if you have not yet elected whom you would like to receive your pre-Gatheround funding. If within the following week (three weeks after the Gatheround itself) we still have not heard from you, money will be allocated by Slow Money staff.