Entrepreneur FAQs

I’d like to get involved in Gatheround as an entrepreneur. How do I get considered?

Currently, we are not accepting unsolicited applications. Gatheround entrepreneurs are sourced from Slow Money’s network of local lending clubs and chapters, and we believe this local connection and face-to-face interaction are important first steps before presentation to a national audience. Please check www.slowmoney.org/local to find a chapter/club near you, or email michael@slowmoney.org

I don’t need funding right now but love the idea and want to help. What can I do?

Gatheround’s operations are paid for entirely by sponsorships, and we are looking for new partners. We believe a Gatheround sponsorship or matching donation (if you’d prefer the money go to the entrepreneurs) is a great way to raise awareness for your brand and its commitment to sustainable and local food. For more information, email Jake@SlowMoney.org