How It Works

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1. Sign up for a Gatheround online event with your $25 donation

A minimum $25 donation provides access to the Gatheround. Every dollar given (minus credit card processing fees) goes to fund a Gatheround entrepreneur.

2. It’s time to Gatheround

Join us by clicking on the registration link you receive in your email. Get the big picture from top thought leaders, see the creative solutions entrepreneurs are putting into place, and participate in a live, interactive Q&A session with all of the presenters and other attendees.

3. Decide which entrepreneur gets your money

At the end of the Gatheround, vote for one of the presenting entrepreneurs, and we will forward your money to your choice (you will also have the opportunity to contribute above and beyond your registration fee if you desire). The funds will go to your designated entrepreneur in the form of a three-year, zero percent interest loan. Over time, Slow Money will collect these repayments and redeploy them via future Gatherounds and Slow Money’s National Gatherings, (The next Slow Money National Gathering will be in Louisville, KY, November 10-12th 2014).

4. Check back in on the site

After the Gatheround event, the recording will be available online for one week, with the chance to direct money to an entrepreneur after watching.